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CGIMachine - Access Counter & Watchdog


CGIMachine-Counter is a fast 32-Bit-CGI-Application
for all Windows 95/NT-Servers. It includes 25 graphic number styles for the counter digits. All graphics are embedded in the EXE, so no separate graphics files are needed, resulting in a serving of server space. The counter can be used on all Web Pages on the server without multiple copies of the application, by setting a key for each Web Page that will have a counter. With the included Configuration-Software "Watchdog" you can create, manipulate or delete counters. Also you have an overview over all counters and their hits.

3 new functions in version 2.2 :

  1. NOCOUNT : you can turn off the count function of any counter, so you can for example display all the counters you use on a special webpage for your controll
  2. NODIGIT : you can turn off the counter digit and display any graphic you want instead of
  3. MYDIGIT : you can use your own counter digit you create with any graphic-application


  1. "CGIMachine - ACCESS COUNTER Watchdog Software"
  • NEW in Version 2.20 (06-21-98)
    -"Watchdog" bugfixed
    -3 new functions included : NOCOUNT , NODIGIT, MYDIGIT
  • NEW in Version 2.10 (02-21-98)
    New Software "Watchdog" included
    With the included Configuration-Software "Watchdog" you can create, manipulate or delete counters. Also you have an overview over all counters and their hits.
  • NEW in Version 2.01 (01-14-98)
    Lockfunction to prohibit the creation of new counters
    If you copy in your CGI-path, where also the file counter.exe exists, the file counterlocked.dat you can not create more new counters. This is nessecary, if you don't want webmasters from other servers to use your server for their counters.
CGIMachine - ACCESS COUNTER is Shareware. If a counter reaches a value greater than 200 the counter.exe will return a sharewareinformation instead of the counter-graphic. But the value will still counted correctly. So when you order the registered version of the product, you don't have to reset the counters. The registration fee is only $59.

You can order the registered version via

You will receive the registered version via EMail within three days.

If you order from Europe you can also order via Normal Mail (Trojan Intermedia, Amselweg 9, D-53859 Niederkassel) or via Telefax (+49 2208 911195). You can also pay with Eurocheque in Deutsche Mark. The the price is DM 99,-.

Installation 2.2
  1. You need a Windows 95/NT Server to use this application.
  2. Decompress the ZIP-Archiv.
  3. Copy the files "counter.exe","counterwatchdog.exe" and "cgi-machine-counterex.ini" in a folder which is declared for the use of executable applications. This is your CGI-Path (for Example :
  4. You only need one counter-application on your whole server.
  5. For every page on your server you can now define a keyword. This keyword (parameter KEY) could be the filename or any other word you like. The counter.exe creates a counter when you use the counter.exe with the keyword the first time and starts with zero.
  6. In your pages you only have to include the following HTML-Code with the right keyword for this page.
    <img src="cgipath/counter.exe?key=keyword&style=style-number">.
    For example for your homepage (when your CGIPath is
    <img src="">
    or for the page with the filename INFO.HTM :
    <img src="">
  7. With the parameter style you can choose out of 25 beautiful stylings for each call.

    The quality shown here is lower than created with the application.
  8. You can now start the application CounterWatchdog.exe for editing your counters.
  9. If you copy the file CounterLocked.dat in the same folder as Counter.exe the Counter-Software will be locked, so you can only create counters via the Watchdog-Software.
  10. NOCOUNT : turns the counter off, if you set the value on 'YES' :
    z.B. <img src="">
  11. NODIGIT : shows any graphic instead of the counter digit - please use as value a pathname of a bitmap-graphic z.B. <img src="\cgisign.bmp">
  12. MYDIGIT : uses any graphic to create the counter - please use as value a pathname of a bitmap-graphic (try digit.bmp)
    z.B. <img src="\digit.bmp">
Update from Version 1.0 / 2.0x to the new Version 2.2
The new Version 2.2 uses also a new format for the ini-file to handle all your counters. So you have to make an update to use your old counters with the new version.

1.) Copy the following files in your existing counter-folder :
counter.exe, counterwatchdog.exe und cgi-machine-counterex.ini

2.) Start the application CounterWatchdog.exe.

3.) Use the function OPEN.

3.) Use the function FILE | Import from 1.0/2.0x.

4.) Optional, make your changes on the counters.

5.) Use the function SAVE.

6.) READY.


Thank you for the big response on our Counter-software. We received a lot of EMails with your questions :

1.) Will the counter work on a Unix based server that does support CGI ?
Sorry, but the CGIMachine - Counter works only on Windows based servers, for example WebSite or MS Information Server.

2.) In what directory must I copy the counter.exe?
The counter.exe must be copied in the CGI-Directory on your server, or in the directory your Web-provider manages for you. The counter does not work with free private homepages from Compuserve or AOL because there you have only one directory, which is not declared for CGI. You have to asked your provider for further information.

3.) Do I need to load image files for counter.exe ?
No, because all graphic-data is included in the EXE-file. So, you don't need to load any other files than counter.exe.

4.) How can I know what is my keyword and what is it ?
You can use any keywords you want to. Each, keyword represents a counter, so you can also use the names of your HTML-Documents.