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Brew Preparation


The type of water used in brewing is of some importance. Well, Spring & Distilled waters are preferred over that which pours from the tap. You can buy these bottled or collect them from the source, so long as it's unpolluted & free running. Rain water is ideal for use except when gathered in smoggy areas. Tap water can be used as a last resort, but consider purchasing the bottled variety in the future.

Distilled water is definitely better than chlorinated, fluoridated, bacteria-filled tap water. If it's all you have - use it.

Sea water & Mineral water aren't recommended due to their high mineral content.


Fire, gas flame or stove coils will do for heat source. No microwave. If old-fashioned, try making the brew in a fireplace or outdoors over a blaze.


NO METAL! They're few exceptions in Herbalism. One is Cauldron brewing. Herbal products prepared with double broilers may also require metal pots. But in general, avoid metal.

Clear glass jars work well for solar infusions. Simply place the herbs & water into the jar & set this in direct sunlight, preferably outdoors. Leave it there for most of the day. Some brews included here are made with glass jars of various colors.


Not every brew in this section is made in the following manner. Use specific instructions where given.

Gather, grind & mix the herbs. For brews to be drunk, use specific culinary mortar & pestle for grinding, not the one used for heavy-duty magickal herbs.

Empower the herbs with your magickal goal.

Heat about 2 cups water to boiling. Place about one handful of mixed, empowered herbs in a teapot or some other heat-proof, non-metallic container. Pour the water over the herbs. Cover with an equally non-metallic, steam tight lid. let the herbs brew for about 13 minutes. Strain through cheesecloth or a bamboo strainer & use.

Brews should be used as quickly as possible. If necessary, they can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. After this time, return them to the earth & create a new brew.