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Book Of Shadows

Invocation to the God:

Blazing God,

You who are the king of the Gods

Lord of the Sun

Master of all that is wild and free;

Father of women and men

Lover of the Moon Goddess and protector of all of the Wiccan;

Descend, I pray,

With you solar ray of power

upon my circle here!

Spell for Getting Your Love

Follow whoever it is you wish to love and when they step into a piece of soil and leave their footprint scoop up the dirt and put it into a flower pot. Plant a sunflower in the pot and as the flower grows so will his/her

love for you!


Spell for protection:

Close your eyes and relax. Visualize a blund relax. Visualize a blue light forming all around the airplane. Call on the 4 guardian spirits to watch over and protect. Feel the presence of the Goddess and God all around. Encompass yourself with a circle of protective light too. Bid the spirits in attendance hail and farewell, seal up your aura and off you go.

Spell for Getting Rid of Pain

Take 2 chairs, put both facing each other. Sit in the one that is most comfortable. Look at the other chair and envision your pain and/or suffering sitting on that chair. Go into as much visualization detail as possible for about 15 minutes. This should help your headaches, pains etc. After about 2 hours it should be safe to move the chairs again. Your pain should dissipate.

A little More Information on Seeing Auras

The Hindu and many other religions believe in the Chakras. Observing an aura is accomplished by using the "Brow Chakra" or the "third eye". Simply shift your attention to the center of your forehead slightly above your eyebrows. This is the location of the brow chakra. By shifting your awareness to this area you can then very readily see another person's or thing's aura. This is also the center for all psychic sight.

Sleep Tea Recipe

This tea helped make me relaxed and calm enough to be able to sleep. It's lightly sweet, so you may not need to add any honey, but if you want to, go for it. The herbs suggested are as follows:

4 clusters (or 2 Tbsp.) of hops

1 tsp. of lavender, rosemary, thyme, mugwort and sage

1 Tbsp. chamomile and wintergreen

1 pinch of valerian root (be careful not to get a good whiff of it!)

Take a teaspoon of the mixture and pour 1 cup of hot water. Wait for three minutes and then strain. Drink it after it cools a little. This mixture should make about 8 or 9 cups. Store the unused portion in a tight sealed container for later use.

Calling The Luck of The Fairy Folk

This incantation can be done anytime during the summer, when the fireflies are out. Can be performed clothed but is best done skyclad. You must find a VERY quite and private place to do the incantation. Start with your arms out and walk in an open area that fireflies are in. Stop in the same position and call upon the great mother with the following chant:

Fireflies come dance with me

Fireflies come be with me

Oh Great Mother be with us tonight

With (your name) and the Fairy Folk

Fireflies show your true self

Do not fear me for I am (your name)

Your friend, Your Sister/Brother

Invite me into your world to dance

(Dance a joyous dance from your heart)

(Allow yourself to be free and at peace)

Continue Chant:

Fireflies, Fairy Folk, Oh Great Mother

Come dance with me, Be with me

Fairy Folk show your true self to me

I will protect you tonight as we dance

Dance the dance of the Fairy Folk

*Repeat the above five lines, and dance

the dance of the Fairy Folk until you

feel and see that the Fairy Folk are

with you...Play with them as you like,

when you are done do the following:

Begin Chant to End the Dance

Fairy Folk, Fire Flies, Oh Great Mother

Fairy Folk, I (your name) leave you now

Go back to hide from where you came

Be not sad, or cry or weep

For I (your name) will return

To dance the Dance of the Fairy Folk

Peace be with you. Blessed Be.

Ritual to Invoke the Power of the Goddess and God

Assume the posture of the Goddess (place feet about two feet apart, with your arms outstretched, palms facing away from you) and gesture the symbol og the Goddess with your left hand (create a half circle with your thumb and forefinger and press your other fingers to your palm) and look down.

Say: "Mother Earth, Diana, Goddess and creator of all fertile things and the moontile things and the moon, I/we invoke thee. Bless us by channeling your power to this circle so I/we may spread it throughout the world."

Assume the posture of the God (feet together, body held ridgidly upright, arms crossed on the chest, right over left) and form the symbol of the God (ring :or small finger: and index fingers held up, with the thumb holding the others down) and look up.

Say: "Father Sky, Apollo, God and creator of all wild things and the sun, I/we invoke thee. Bless us by channeling your power to this circle so I/we may spread it throughout the world."

"So mote it be!"

Breaking a Spell Cast on You

Get a white candle and place it in a holder. Place the holder in the middle of your cauldron. Fill the cauldron with water so that the candle extends above the rim of the cauldron and above the water. Light the candle and visualize the spell being broken. As soon as the flame burns down and touches the water, it will go out. Dig a hole in the earth and pour the in the rest of the water and bury the candle. So shall it be!

Rune Candle Spell

Place a candle in its holder in the color you would like:<br>

White: protection, purification, peace

Red: strength, health, passion, courage

Light Blue: healing, patience, hatience, happiness

Dark Blue: change, psychic work

Green: money, fertility, growth, employment

Yellow: intellect, attraction, study, divination

Brown: healing animals, stability

Pink: love, friendship

Orange: stimulation, energy

Purple: power, healing diseases, meditation

Black: Divine power, protection from negativity

Scratch the appropriate rune into the candle just below the top and light it. As you light it say: "Lunar light protect me." As soon as the candle melts down past where the rune is extinguish it, preferably not by

blowing. Good luck!

A Talisman for Strength

Take a smooth and shapely rock and on one face carve the rising sun and crescent moon, horns up. Upon the reverse carve the words: Strength of stone/be in my bone/strength of light/sustain my fight.

Helpful Hints

Recently I have begun experimenting with the use of Magick in the kitchen. One such example of this is in the baking of breads. First, I ask the Goddess to bless all that I do. I put on a peaceful and soothing CD and begin the dough. As I mix the ingredients, I visualize the notes from the song dancing across the room to be absorbed into the dough. When I start to knead my bread, I imagine working the music into the dough, filling it with positive energy and light. As I shape my loaves, I visualize my breads giving positive energy to all who eat them. When I am done in the kitchen, I not only have great bread, but I feel totally relaxed and at peace with the world.

House Blessing

The best house blessing I've ever used (and believe me I've needed it) is as follows:

Assemble a candle,incense, dish of water, dish of salt. Bless the items, then go around the house opening all the windows and doors. Take the salt and walk around the house in a clockwise pattern, clockwise within each room. Throw a pinch of salt into each corner, through each doorway and out each window. As you toss it, see it burning away negativity and repeat as you go, "By the power of Salt I cleanse this house". After you've done the

salt, light the incense and repeat all actions making sure a little of the smoke drifts through all doorways and windows. See it blowing away all negativity, say "By the power of Air I cleanse this house". Repeat with the candle, shining its light through all doorways and windows, say "By the power of Fire I cleanse this house". Last is the water, sprinkle it into each corner and through the doorways and windows, "By the power of

water I cleanse this house". Repeat this statement for each element several times in each room times in each room. When you are done, feel the energy of the house. If it needs repeating, repeat it, but I've never needed to. Works wonders! Blessed Be!

A Spell for Bedtime

Before bedtime, light the candles of all directions and cast the circle. Thank and talk to the Goddess/God about your fear, happiness or whatever you need to tell them about. When finished, blow out the candles and dismiss the circle. You will be calm and ready for sleep.

Discovering the God and Goddess

I have noticed that a few of the submissions in the Book of Shadows neglect the God and favor the Goddess. Perhaps this is because many may feel that a mother-creator is easier to imagine. We must all take the time to meditate upon what the God and Goddess mean in our lives. This exercise is an artistic expression, however that does not mean it is strictly for artists. The potential for creativity is in each of us. The idea is to express everything that the God & Goddess inspire in you. Choose any medium that appeals to you (you may prefer sculpture to painting, or acrylic to watercolor). Find a spot that inspires you and create a space for yourself. Light candles, burn your favorite incense, play any music that you feel might help you create. Close your eyes. Beginning with the Goddess, vis visualize exactly how you would envision Her, were She ever to manifest herself. Create your vision of the Goddess. Do the same for the God. When the two are completed, place them on your altar or store them somewhere special. Draw upon your creations from time to time as a reminder that the power of the God and Goddess is not unatainable, it is within each of us. Blessed Be!

My Own Love Spell

In a darkened, quiet room, light two candles (mine were red) and think of them as you and the person you desire. Select a comfortable spot a few feet away from the candles, and assume this position: Back straight, arms loosely folded, legs crossed "indian style". Relax your body. Roll your neck around a few times, loosen up. Breath in and out deeply at first, then slowly and easily. Clear your mind of all thought. Now think really hard about the person that you wnat to attract. Think of the two of you being happy together, having fun. Imagine yourselves as a couple, doing things together. Imagine this union as being for the highest good of everyone involved. Imagine how you will attract him/her, imagine yourself as being the most desirable creature in the world. Think of yourself catching his/her eye at a party, in school or wherever you see him/her. Basically just "thinking" about something really hard, visualizing all aspects can sometimes make it happen!n! It worked for me! I hope this helps someone else. And remember, I thought this up...and everything will happen for the best of all don't blame me if it doesn't work! (at least it can't hurt, right?) Anyone who has positive results with this, please e-mail me.

A Wish Spell

You may use this only three times in between the new moons.

While gazing at the moon, repeat the following:

"Moon, moon, beautiful moon, brighter that any star, Goddess of light and love, (name here)if it might be, pray bring fortune unto me".

A sign that the spell worked would be coins doubling in the purse or pocket, or seeing a hare before dawn.

Note: The spell won't work if done with evil intent.<br><p>

The Incense Trick To Emotional Bliss

First you must obtain two cones (or Sticks) of incense; one of jasmine and the other of cinnamon. Lift them and close your eyes. Imagine yourself in a world of pure bliss and happiness. The scents will make for a combination of peace and total mind/body separation so that your mind will be a pure wandering energy.

Beauty Ritual

I have found that it is easy to invoke personal beauty by taking by taking a warm bath filled with petals from fresh roses. Vanilla incense and candle light also enhance the ritual. While in the bath chant repeatedly "Earth, Air, Fire, Sea...Let the Goddess' beauty shine through me".

Incantation or Chant

This was a piece that came to me while meditating. I have found it to be wonderful.

Blessed Be!

Be silent

Be Still

Resonate at will.

Resonate within yourself

Feel the energy

Feel the wealth.

Crystal heart

Love's mark

Radiant to all.

Color spectrum

Divine light

Echoing its call.

Trusting now

Flying wide

Reaching out within.

Listen close

Ignore no more

For now it is time to begin.......

My Favorite Blessing Ritual(simple yet effective)

1. All you do is simply take the object that you are blessing and pass it through a flame (or your representation of fire) and ask the Goddess of Fire to bless it.

2. Sprinkle some water on the object and then ask the Goddess of Water to bless in her power and only for the use of that.

3. Pass the object through the smoke of incense and ask the Goddess of Air to bless it in her power for her use and only to conduct good.

4. Hold the object to the North and ask the Goddess of Earth to bless it and use it in her power for the use of good and to do what thou wilt.

There it's done ...that wasn't so hard now was it?

Spell To Beckon A Person

Say the following:

"If you are turning towards me

know I turn also to you

and come to me in love

If you are thinking of me

Know I think also of you

and come to me in love

If you are saying my name

know that I say your name and call you to me

and come to me in love"

Say the person's name three times. You may need to recite the whole spell several times in oder to feel the proper effect. I have found this spell to be useful.

Spell for Calling the Rain

Feel the temperature and dampness in the air. If it feels light enough call on the powers of wind and water. A heartfelt chant is most effective. Call the rain towards you. When it works you will feel the power.

How To Read Auras

For the beginner, these are simple instructions on how to read an aura. First you must learn to clear your mind... meditate. In this state one can see things more clearly. Fix your eearly. Fix your eyes but do not stare at a given object. Look past it, don't fixate on it. In time, with practice, you shall see its aura.

A bath bag that helps me relax and meditate

In a small piece of linen cloth (or a muslin bag) place the following: lavender, orange peels, dandelion leaves, rose hips and spearmint leaves - and tie shut.

Start to run water in the bath, tie the bag to the faucet and let water run through and over the bag. Relax in the tub, lit by candles and incense. Use this technique during meditations and invocations.

Spell for Protection from Love Spells

Recite this after lighting a white or pink candle. Chant until the candle extinguishes its flame. Naturally this is best if done on the full moon.

Lust by Gypsy

The Moon and her sisters

watch over you

You remain unharmed in love

In lust your heart will grey

As candles going out

turn night into day

Aromatherapy Suggestions

A drop of basil oil on a tissue or straight from the bottle revives your brain.

A whiff of peppermint can calm a quesy stomach.

Smelling lavender, neroli, lemon grass or linden blossoms can calm you and hn calm you and help you sleep.

Herbal Teas


1/4 t. Lavender

1/2 t. Lemon Balm Leaves

1/2 t. Linden Flowers

1/2 t. Chamomile

Pick-me Up

1/2 t. Rose Hips

1/2 t. Peppermint

1/2 t. Hibiscus

For a Cold

1 t. Wintergreen

1 t. Lemon Verbena

 Herbal Baths

For tired muscles - pine, juniper, thyme, lavender, rosemary

For relief from depression - rose, geranium, lavender, patchouli

For stress relief - lemon balm, rose, jasmine, sage, lavender

Helpful Hint

If you use fresh, plain clay cat litter in your incense dish or censer, not only does it do a terrific job of diffusing the heat, it's also ideal for use with stick incense. A little bag can last for years!

Greater Goldenseal Salve

An antiseptic salve that aids in speedy healing and helps to prevent scarring. Use on minor cuts and other skin problems. Most effective if made during the Full Moon in the hours of Mercury!


- 2 stainless steel 1/2 quart pans or 1 cup size.

- 10 one ounce tins.

- 1/8 oz Goldenseal Root Powder

- 1/4 oz Asian Yer

- 1/4 oz Asian Yellow Ginger Powder(Absolutely Necessary)

- 10 fresh crushed cloves

- 1/4 oz powdered myrrh

- 1 oz Olive Oil

- 1/8 oz powdered Comfrey Leaf

- 8 to 10 oz. petroleum jelly or Beeswax

Place oil in pan and set on very low heat. When it's near hot-add goldenseal. Stir well then add cloves. Continue stirring. Let the mixture set on very low heat for 5 minutes. Place petroleum jelly in a second pan and heat it at medium until hot (but not close to smoking).(A drop of water will pop and spatter across the surface when ready.) When hot - add myrrh. Stir well (remember to check on first pan-it shouldn't cool too much). Let myrrh heat in very hot oil for 10 minutes or longer (preferably15 to 20) at low heat. Add ginger. Let heat for 5 minutes and add comfrey leaf powder. Stir well. Add oil from first pan to the second. Stir and strain the entire mixture into either the first pan or another container. Now you are ready to fill your tins. Salve will set up and be ready to use in a couple of days.

The left over material in the strainer may be rolled up and set for a few days and burned as an incense stick!

Health Vinegar


- 1 quart apple cider vinegar

- 1/8th cup rosemary (whole)

- 1 tablespoon fennel seeds (whole)

- 1 tablespoon rose petals

- 2 bay le

- 2 bay leaves (shredded)

- 1 pinch genuine saffron (may be ommitted)

Place the rosemary into a bowl. Empower it. Separately add each ingredient, empowering the growing mixture each time you add an herb. Pour the vinegar into a larger jar. Add the herbs. Tightly cap the jar, shake and let stand for 1 to 3 days. Strain the resulting liquid through a coffee filter. Bottle, label and add 6 tablespoons to every bath to speed healing.

Love Potion


- Vanilla

- Ginger

- Sap

- Soil

Add together and mix. Spread on inside arm from elbow to wrist. Chant details of your crush. Rinse.


To bring about a personal desire, such as a love interest, try this chant. It has worked for me many times in the past.

"Earth and Sea,

Keep harm from me.

Wind and Fire,

Bring my desire."

I thought of this one while at the ocean last summer, and it turned out to be some cleansing experience!

A Simple House Cleaning Ritual

Preparation: make or buy purification incense. Common ingredients are sandalwood (2 parts), frankincense (3 parts), sage (1 part), bay or camphor.

Ritual: r.

Ritual: Burn incense in a censer in the middle of the area to be purified. If you are purifying a multi-level house, one censor every other level will do. Then open windows and wait until smell is gone. You may proceed with a protection spell if you like.


A Spell to Banish Lurking Evil

John's Wort, Trefoil, Vervain, Dill; hinder evil of its will.

Candle Magic Love Spell

Find a piece of paper pretty and pleasing to you. Write your name and birthdate on it then write the name of the person want to love you with their birthdate *Rhiannon recommends simply writing LOVE and not a person's name - that way you will invoke a relationship that is for the good of ALL - if your specific person is meant to be your lover this will work just as well.*

Draw a heart around the names - three times. Fold the paper up as small as you can then burn it with a pink or red candle chanting: "Light the flame, bright the fire, red is the color of my desire." Say this until the paper has burned up.

Money Candle

2 to 4 pounds of paraffin

Thin candlewicking

Green candle dye (or a green crayon)

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp. ground nutmeground nutmeg

A small bowl

Patchouly essential oil

A large pot

A clean coffee can

Baking soda (for fire safety)

1 wooden spoon

Wax paper

1. To speed the melting process, grate or chop the paraffin into small pieces before melting. Fill the large pot about 1/3 full of water. Place on high heat until boiling. Place the paraffin in the coffee can, and set the can into the pot.

Turn the heat down to medium. Watch the paraffin as it's melting. Paraffin easily bursts into flames over high heat (this is exactly why it's used to make candles). If flames appear, place a lid over the can or drench the area with baking soda to snuff out the fire. If you keep the heat low you should have no problems.

2. While the paraffin is melting, place the two spices into the bowl. Mix them together, empowering them as you visualize money manifesting in your life. Infuse the herbs with your goal.

3. Check the paraffin. For best results, you should have at least 6 inches of melted paraffin. If there's less, add more paraffin. (If the paraffin has melted, but has begun to harden, the heat is too low. Turn it up a bit.) Add a few chunks of green candle dye to the paraffin and mix with the wooden spoon. Alternately, remove the paper wrappings from a green crayon, break it into pieces, and add this to the paraffin. The dye will melt. Stir until the paraffin is evenly colored. The finished, dfinished, dried candles will be a shade or two lighter than the color of the melted paraffin. More dye may be necessary to create the desired dark green shade.

4. Once the paraffin has been tinted, spinkle the spices onto the paraffin with your projective hand. Dust off your fingers over the pot and stir the herbs into the paraffin with the wooden spoon. Stir clockwise and visualize. Add eight to sixteen drops patchouly essential oil to the paraffin and again stir with the wooden spoon. Smell the paraffin. It should be heavily scented. If not, add more patchouly oil.

5. Begin dipping. Hold a length of cotton wicking between your thumb and forefinger. Dunk it into the paraffin. It will probably just float on the surface the first few times you do this, for the wick lacks enough weight to plunge it to the bottom of the can. After dipping, remove it and hold it in the air for a moment or two until the paraffin has set, then dip again.Dip again, lifting the wicking completely from the melted paraffin, allow the paraffin to set, and re-dip. Repeat as needed. The longer you wait between dippings, allowing the paraffin to harden, the faster the candle will build up. If you simply dunk and dunk and dunk, the hot paraffin will melt each proceeding coat and you'll end up with a soggy piece of wick. With proper dipping, the candle will soon form. Its bottom will grow into an inverted cone-shape from the paraffin that drips down the taper's sisides as it cools. This is natural; don't worry about it.

6. When the candle has achieved the proper width, hang it dry in a spot where it won't be touched for several minutes. Test the candle after 20 or so minutes. The paraffin should have set but the taper should still be warm. Check it periodically to be sure that it hasn't completely hardened before the next step.

7. Turn off the heat under the paraffin. Place the wax paper on a counter or table. Lay the candle on the paper and gently, with an easy rocking motion roll the candle back and fourth on the wax paper. This straightens the taper and reduces irregularities on its surface.

8. When the candle is fairly straight, cut off the inverted cone at the bottom of the candle with a sharp knife. Dip the taper two more times into the melted paraffin and hang to dry until hard. You've just made a money candle. (To save time and produce more tapers, make two, three, or four at a time. Hang each to dry as you dip the next.)

9. To use your Money Spell Candle, choose a time when you'll be alone. Smell the rich, prosperous scent and visualize money manifesting in your life. Hold the candle tightly between your palms. Send energy into it, saying something like the following words:

I charge you by Jupiter,I charge you by the Earth,I charge you by the Sun, Moon, and Stars:Bring money to me,Prosperity.Money to me,Prosperity.Money to me,Prosperity.


Set the candle in a holder. Light it. Sit or stand before it, watching the flame transform the wax into a liquid. Visualize the candle releasing the energies that you've placed within it. Sense it sending out the power to bring your need for money into manifestation. Let the candle burn down to its end (if in a safe location). Or allow it to burn for 4, 8, or 16 minutes daily until your need manifests.

Note: Never blow out the candle. Always use a candle snuffer.

Other Candles:

The same ritual and processes can be used to create candles for any magickal purpose. Recommended colors, herbs or spices, and oils suited to many of these goals follow, but feel free to experiment. Grind all herbs before using, and use only genuine essential oils.


Blue candle dye



Sandalwood oil


A bit of red candle dye (this will dye the wax pink)

Rose petals


Lavender oil


No dye; leave the wax white



Frankincense (or cedar) oil

Psychic Awareness

Blue candle dye



Lemon oil


No dye; leave the wax white


Lemon peel

Lavender oil


Purple candle dye (if unavailable, leave the wax white)



True Jasmine oil (which is quite expensive)or Sandalwood oil

Wish Sachet

Sachets are very easy to make. All you need is two pieces of cloth, a needle and some thread. You can add many different things to them.

Such as: herbs, gems, crystals, whatever holds magickal meaning for you. The things that I place in my sachets work for me, but feel free to add or do whatever works for you and use this spell for a guideline.

Cast the Circle in the usual manner. On parchment, write down all the material things that you need using Dragons Blood ink or a consecrated pen. Make sure to think for a few minutes before putting pen to paper and omit the things that really aren't that important. When you feel that you are ready, write the spell and ask in the name of a Higher Source for the items that you need. If that you need. If you are asking for money, make sure to write down how you want to receive it. For example, if you play the lottery, ask for a winning. NEVER ask for money to be willed to you through someone's death. Next, read the list over out loud. By vocalization, you are infusing the spell with magical energy. Burn the list and put it aside. Make the sachet. Take two pieces of cloth and sew them together leaving one end open. As you are sewing, visualize your intention for making the sachet. Crumble the ashes of the wish list and pour them into the sachet. Add some echinacea to ensure and strengthen the spell. Place a wishbone (obvious reasons) in the sachet then sew it up. As you are sewing, say:

Wishes, Wishes, Come to me. This is my will, So mote it be.

When the sachet is finished, thank the Higher Source, undo the Circle and put the sachet in a place that holds magickal meaning for you.

Spell to Lose Unwanted Physical Weight

one tbsp. juniper berries

one tbsp. damiana

one tbsp. dandelion leaves

one tbsp. red clover tops

one tbsp. scullcap herb

one tbsp. wintergreen herb

To these ingredients add:

twenty drops of peppermint oil

twenty drops of strawberry oil

Bind it all together with:

one tsp. gum mastic

one tbsp. myrrh

Mix all the ingredients together and catalyze the intentions of your

spell. Say out loud or to yourself, "This spell will help me

achieve the weight I desire, maintain my good health, and bring to me

always a good mental attitude. I ask that this be correct and for the

good of many people. So mote it be."

Carry the philter in a green, pink, or copper-colored magick bag to

draw in the energy of Venus and self-love.